Meet the band

Playing the trumpet since he was 10, Will has performed in a range of groups including orchestras, alternative rock bands, and Jazz bands across the country. As Will crafts his sound and style with the trumpet, he now brings his own band together. Their work inspired by many jazz musicians of the past and present. Playing original compositions of music from both today's hits and jazz standards, the band brings a fresh take on the genre.

Nadya Borno (Vocals)  An active musician and entertainer from Miami, Florida, she has been studying and performing for over 7 years and was employed by the Walt Disney World Company.

Jeremy Birdsall (Bass) With a passion for putting on an energetic, engaging performance, Jeremy Birdsall is a professional multi-instrumentalist known for his electric stage presence and ability to play multiple instruments at the same time.

Benjamin Baumewerd (Piano) He hails proudly from Cologne Germany, near the birthplace of modern electronic music. He is from a family of Architects and Artists and as a result, he constructs unique musical masterpieces with colorful appeal.

CJ Williams (Drums) Using his skills in live environments, video productions, and studio recordings, CJ found himself involved in a variety of projects, and has raised the interest of many local artists in both South and Central Florida.

Will and the band are inspired by many musicians such as Harry Connick Jr., Chet Baker, Leon Bridges, John Mayer, Jamie Cullum, and Chris Botti. You can catch Will Adrian around venues in the Orlando area such as Mathers Social Gathering, Celine, The Vineyard, and other areas across Florida. If you can't catch a live performance, visit their YouTube channel for regularly released recordings and videos.